P&G-Backed Non-Profit Organization Honored for Celebrating Diverse Cultures
World Cultures Media Garners Blue Chip Cable Access Award

CINCINNATI (June 1, 2006) – More than 300 companies in Cincinnati are internationally owned, and nearly 70 percent of those firms are owned by individuals from Japan (37 percent), Germany (22 percent) and the United Kingdom (10 percent) according to the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce.  World Cultures Media – a Cincinnati-based, non-profit organization that creates innovative, new channels to celebrate, learn and support diverse cultures – reveres Cincinnati’s wealth of global cultures through its weekly, educational, 30-minute cable access television program, Web-based streaming media, podcasts and newsletters.  Its efforts to develop a more culturally conscious Cincinnati were recently awarded the Overall Achievement in Access Award from the Blue Chip Cable Access Awards.

The Blue Chip Cable Access Awards recognized World Cultures Media for its compelling contribution to community access television, specifically with regard to its deep intellectual insight into the world’s abundant cultures, values, beliefs, lifestyles and politics. This is the first time the Blue Chip Cable Access Awards have honored World Cultures Media, and World Cultures Media is the only winner of the Overall Achievement in Access Award this year.

“I am pleased that the Blue Chip Cable Access Awards have recognized World Cultures Media for its tireless commitment to enlighten, educate and engage Cincinnati through cable television and other, new media,” said Padma Chebrolu, World Cultures Media’s founder and executive director. “Our goal is to create thought-provoking, educational programs about the customs, cultures and people of the world, and share, cultivate and promote that knowledge to foster a better understanding of the world’s abundant, yet distinctively fascinating cultures.”

World Cultures Media’s half-hour television programs feature interactive discussions with high-profile, local and global experts who have national and global appeal. The programs focus on cross-cultural communications in corporations and schools, particularly with regard to an awareness and appreciation of cultural diversity through business cultures of the world; children across the globe; world sports; global religions; cultural music, dance and fashion; global health; and, festivals of the world.

“World Cultures Media encourages the education, celebration and support of our world’s diverse societies to help develop more culturally rich and vibrant communities where one can live, work, study and raise families,” said Chebrolu. “This esteemed award confirms the organization’s venture to help further develop Cincinnati into a place where local and global families thrive, enjoy and connect.”

“P&G touches lives and improves life all around the world, but in order to live up to these goals and be ‘in touch’ with our global markets, customers and business partners, we must better understand the world’s numerous cultures,” said Andrea Berger, P&G associate director and member of the P&G’s Multi-National Multi-Cultural Leadership Team. “That's why Procter & Gamble is proud to support World Cultures Media, as it exemplifies our long tradition of valuing, trusting and respecting diversity – particularly within today’s increasingly diverse global business environment.”

The Blue Chip Cable Access Awards is a cooperative venture among Cincinnati-area cable access organizations to recognize the achievements of local access producers.  Every year since 1998, the organization bestows honors upon a variety of cable access programs across more than 50 categories. The four criteria used in the judging process – regardless of the category – are content, creativity, production and reaction.  Awards were presented on May 11, 2006 during the awards ceremony at the 20th Century Theater in Oakley.

World Cultures Media is a non-profit organization that offers programming dedicated to providing the global community with unique and honest perspectives on world lifestyles, events, arts, environment, business, health, human rights, and cultures. It was founded in June of 2005, and began broadcasting to global audiences immediately. Any proceeds raised by World Cultures Media benefit children’s charities locally and globally. More information about World Cultures Media is available at www.worldculturesmedia.org.

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