Lou Blanco, Mary Carmen GascoBuisson, Lourdes Ribera, & Gina Lopez

Topics of Discussion:
Hispanic American women discuss about ;

1. The overall U.S. population totaled 296.4 million in 2005; 33 percent of that number, or 98 million, were minorities.
2. African Americans represent the second largest minority group in US.
3. Seeking better ways to service the market segments represented by minority households should be a strategic priority for 21st century American business leaders.
Beauty of Hispanic American Women - Celebrating the Latin Beauty
Made Possible with the generous grant from Procter & Gamble's North America Ethnic Marketing

Gina Lopez
Lou Blanco
Lourdes Ribera
Mary Carmen GascoBuisson
Concept Creator & Director: Padma Chebrolu
Camera & Editing: Dennis Honcharuk
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