Business Culture of Germany:
Guests: Dr. Frank Bernhardt & Monica Bernhardt

Topics of Discussion:

Germany's Bundesliga:
Article Contributed by Brian Murphy, Intern

The highest level league club competition where play determines the national champions in German and Austrian football is the Bundesliga. This league is unique in European football, soccer in the United States, because it was not formed until 1963. The professional league was modeled after the long-established English Premier League which was setup in 1888.

Hermann Neuberger decided to form the national league after the national team was defeated by Yugoslavia (0:1) in a 1962 World Cup quarter final game in Chile. Under his leadership as the president of the (DFB), German Football Association, the Bundesliga was created. Their first season was in 1963-64. A year after German reunification, East Germany's Football Federation of the German Democratic Republic, merged into West Germany's DFB. The Bundesliga was under the control of the DFB until 2001. This was the year the DFl, German Football League, was created.

Over the past forty-three years forty-nine teams have played in the league.  FC Bayern München having won 20 national titles, has more Championship wins than any other club. The Bundesliga is the best-attended national football league in the world according to the per-game attendance statistics making it a dominate league in Europe. Interest in the league has increased since Germany hosted the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Oktoberfest: A longstanding German Heritage Festival
Article Contributed by Brian Murphy, Intern

Oktoberfest-Zinzinnati has been build upon the strong and rich German heritage that exists throughout the Southwestern Ohio region. The festival, which first took place in 1976, has grown to become the largest festival of its kind in The United States with averages of 500,000 attendants every year. A variety of tasty food can be sampled from a wide assortment of local German restaurants in the Cincinnati area. German-style music, food and beer are just a few of the ways Cincinnati celebrates this festival. Oktoberfest established itself as the home of the World’s Largest Chicken Dance in 1994 which was listed in the Guinness Book of Records in its 1995-97 editions, with 48,000 people participating including the Crown Prince of Bavaria.

Originally Oktoberfest was held on same weekend in 1810 in Munich, Germany. This was to celebrate marriage of Prince Ludwig I and Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. The wedding party was so successful that it was repeated in 1812. The festival in Germany took place between the 14 day period between the second and last Saturday in September. The festival in Germany draws as many as 7 million visitors but Oktoberfest in Cincinnati is annually decreed by the mayor of Munich as the second largest recreation of the festival in the world.

The Festival will begin on September 16, 2006 at 10:30 with a traditional parade full of German-American representatives in traditional garments going down Fifth Street to their festival tents. Kegs will be tapped, flags and seals are hung from the tents and ceremonies will begin in the tradition of the original festival. Past festivals have also included the world largest kazoo bands hosted by Al Hirt in 1998 and Weird Al Yankovic in 1999.
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